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Give a Helping Hand

Volunteering – helping a charitable organization for no pay – is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Volunteering is a fantastic way to explore career options and develop new skills while helping others and getting involved in your community. Being a volunteer also will introduce you to new friends and important professional contacts who can help you find a paying job or serve as references for future opportunities.

How to choose a volunteer opportunity

  • Think about the kinds of things that you like to do, the skills (i.e., social, planning, leadership, etc.) that you have to offer, and skills that you would like to develop.
  • Think about how much time you are willing to commit. How long are you willing to volunteer (a week? a month? six months?), and how many hours per week can you volunteer
  • Ask friends, relatives, teachers and/or your school counselor to help you find an organization that can provide you with the experiences that you desire and utilize the skills you have to offer.

QUICK TIP: Visit volunteer web sites to search by zip code and/or key words to identify volunteer opportunities in your areas of interest: